The members of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) are listed below.  A panel of three trained members hears each case, along with a hearing officer with legal training, who will preside over the hearing.  A majority vote of the hearing panel is required for a finding of responsibility, to provide remedies, or to impose penalties, except that a unanimous vote is required to impose a penalty of expulsion, termination, or three or more terms of suspension. The hearing panel provides a written decision report of its findings, conclusions, remedies, and penalties to the parties.  


School or Office

Judith Krauss, Chair

School of Nursing

Anita Sharif-Hyder, Senior Associate Secretary

Office of the Provost

Sunil Amrith


Margit Dahl

Undergraduate Admissions

Michael Della Rocca


Sarah Demers


Mayur Desai

School of Public Health

Bruce Gordon

Divinity School

Alfred Guy

Poorvu Center

Hwansoo Kim

Religious Studies

Charissa Lee* Divinity School

John Mangan

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

John Mayes


Judith Resnik Law School
Mark Robinson Theater Studies
Ilan Harpaz-Rotem

Psychiatry and Psychology

Karis Ryu* Religious Studies
Jason Strong


Blake Thorkelson Office of the Secretary
Anna York


Eli Scher-Zagier* Law School

*Graduate and Professional Students/Postdocs