The members of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) are listed below.  A panel of five trained members hears each case.  The panel determines by majority vote whether it is more likely than not that Yale’s sexual misconduct policy was violated.  The panel provides a written report of its findings and conclusions to the parties and the decision maker.  

Name School or Office
Mark SolomonChair FAS - MBB
Aley MenonSecretary Office of the Provost
Anita Sharif-Hyder, Associate Secretary Office of the Provost
Helen Caines FAS - Physics
Dayle Chung* Yale College
Julia Cron School of Medicine
Margit Dahl Undergraduate Admissions
Joanne DeBernardo School of Forestry
Michael Della Rocca FAS - Philosophy
Sarah Demers FAS - Physics
Eileen Donahue Office of Development
Sonali Durham* Yale College
Rachel Farell* GSAS - Anthropology
Anoqa Faruqee School of Art
Jessica Garland* School of Law
Paul Genecin Yale Health
Nicholas Girard* Yale College
Anjelica Gonzalez Biomedical Engineering
Etienne Greenlee* GSAS - MCDB
Alfred Guy Yale College Writing Center
Kimberly Harris* Postdoctoral Fellow - MCDB
Holly Hermes ROTC (US Air Force)
Patrick Holland FAS - Chemistry
Amy Justice School of Medicine
Judith Krauss School of Nursing
Tobias Kuehne* School of Law
Stephen Latham Center for Bioethics
Kathryn Lofton FAS - Religious Studies
Katie Malison* Yale College
John Mayes Procurement
Airenakhue Omoragbon* Yale College
Guy Ortoleva Academic Media and Technology
Jack Palmer* Yale College
Jordan Pilant* Yale College
Marina Picciotto School of Medicine
Maria Piñango FAS - Linguistics
David Post FAS - EEB
Judith Resnik School of Law
Michael Rigsby Yale Health
Nancy Ruddle School of Medicine
Arthur Swersey School of Management
Brian Tompkins Athletics
Maria Trumpler FAS - LGBT Studies
Nadia Ward School of Medicine
Shunhe Wang* Yale College
Jessica Wilen School of Medicine
Jordon White* Postdoctoral Fellows, School of Medicine
Amy Wrzesniewski School of Management
Melanie Zheng* School of Medicine

*Student or postdoctoral trainee