Anita Sharif-Hyder
Associate Secretary, University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Anita Sharif-Hyder has training in counseling and has served as Associate Secretary of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct since December 2014. At Yale since 2006, Anita previously served as Assistant Director of Programs and Admissions at Yale World Fellows. Anita has a background in psychology and international affairs, and professional experience in student services and higher education administration. Originally from Bangladesh, Anita has lived in Venezuela, Kuwait, Egypt and India and is conversant in five languages. She serves on the advisory board for the Asian-American Cultural Center, Yale’s Community Compact Review Committee, and the Provost Office’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee.   Anita is a Fellow of Timothy Dwight College.

Camilla Parente
Project Coordinator, University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Camilla (Camille) Parente joined Yale in 2012, working first in the Department of Cell Biology and then in the Education Department and Business Office at the Yale Center for British Art.  Camille served on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task force at the Museum and was a Local 34 Union Steward.  Before joining Yale, Camille worked for twelve years at the Center for the Arts at Wesleyan University, first in the Office of Communications and Media Relations and then as the Financial Analyst and Gallery Coordinator.  Camille is a certified paralegal.  She earned her Master of Arts Degree from Wesleyan University and her Bachelor of General Studies Degree from the University of Connecticut.

Judith Krauss
Professor Emerita; Chair, University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Judy Krauss, now Dean and Professor Emerita, has been a member of the Yale University School of Nursing faculty since 1971, serving as Dean from January 1985 through June 1998.   Professor Krauss was the founding Editor of Archives of Psychiatric Nursing in 1985 and served in that post for 20 years.  A longtime nursing educator and noted expert on care of people with serious and persistent mental disorders, she was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing in 1994.  In 1998, the American Academy of Nursing and the American Nurses Foundation appointed her Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), where she helped conduct the background research for the IOM report America’s Health Care Safety Net: Intact, But Endangered. She served as Master of Silliman College from July 2000 through June 2015 and Chair of the Yale University Council of Masters from July 2003 through June 2009; and from July 2014-through June 2015. She has served on numerous advisory committees to the President of the University and Dean of Yale College and has been a member of the UWC since 2018. 

Aley Menon
Secretary, University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Aley Menon is an attorney and has served as Secretary of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct since 2012. She previously worked in Yale’s Office of the General Counsel on student affairs, employment and labor matters, including Title IX issues. Before coming to Yale, she was a University Ombudsperson for ten years and directed a Multicultural Affairs Office for three years. Aley is originally from Kerala, India. She serves on the Title IX Steering Committee, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Climate and Inclusion Committee and is a Fellow of Timothy Dwight College.